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Welsh Baccalaureate challenge


Do you have what it takes to get more young people donating?

Students can now take on the challenge of encouraging more young people to start donating blood, platelets or bone marrow in Wales, as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

Rules around donating Learn more about giving blood Finding your local blood donation

The brief

Your challenge will be to design and develop digital promotional material/tools that will assist the Welsh Blood Service to attract more young people to donate blood, platelets, and/or bone marrow.

You will need to be innovative and creative in order to engage with the target audience. This will provide you with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate a wide range of skills, qualities and attributes.

Did you know?

We host blood donation sessions at a selection of schools across Wales.

With a range of resources to help schools promote the importance of donating, it’s a great place to get started.

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Resources for you

We’ve put together a class presentation and student quiz for you to download, test yourself or present to others as part of your Welsh Baccalaureate.